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GH shock absorbers are manufactured using the highest-quality components. Their life is considerably extended thanks to the Japanese oil seals mostly made by NOK Japan. The automation of the production system and an in-depth control at every stage of the process ensures the reproducibility of our products. An undoubted advantage of the cars with the GH shock absorbers is a high driving comfort. An enhanced traction increases considerably the safety through, among other things, shortened stopping distance. The properties and workmanship of the shock absorbers comply with the requirements regarding the first fitting. The GH shock absorbers are covered by the manufacturer's warranty for a period of two years with no milage limitation on the vehicle. Shock Absorber
Coil Spring The GH coil springs are manufactured using only the highest quality chrome silicon steel which is then harden and tempered in the process. Thanks to cold rolling and powder coating the steel is protected from corrosion, its resilience is enhanced and it uses up slower. It is owing to all that that the GH coil springs are so durable. They are also covered by a 36 months warranty with no milage limitation on the vehicle.
The cast iron and light alloy castings used in the production of control arms are manufactured using the pressure casting technology. Their shape is identical to the shape of original control arm. The quality of each element is inspected using X-rays and all the components are merged using an automated assembly line which ensures the reproducibility of the products. The high-quality materials coupled with a strict production control at every stage of the process ensure the long life of joint balls which are covered by a one-year warranty. Control Arm
ABS Sensor Our product range now also includes both passive (inductive) and active (hall) ABS wheel speed sensors. Due to the high production automation level it was possible to achieve a higher resistance to electromagnetic interference compared to other wheel speed sensors available in the market. The use of only highest quality materials ensures that our ABS sensors are very precise and that the signal detection is at high levels even down to 0 miles/h. It is due to this fact that the hall ABS wheel speed sensors manufactured by GH are also used, among other thing, to measure tyre pressure in the tyres.