Why it’s worth replacing complete suspension columns instead of individual components


The car suspension is one of the key elements that affects driving comfort, handling, and safety. Suspension columns, also known as McPherson struts, play a crucial role in this setup. In this post, we will explain why it is worth replacing the entire suspension columns instead of just individual components.

Comprehensive approach to suspension replacement

1. Optimal performance

By replacing entire suspension columns, you ensure that all components will work together perfectly. Each element of the column is designed to operate in harmony with the other parts. Replacing just one part can lead to uneven wear and reduced suspension performance.

2. Increased safety

Full replacement of suspension columns minimizes the risk of failure during driving. New, complete columns are more reliable and less prone to damage compared to old components that may already be weakened or worn out. This translates to greater stability and control over the vehicle, which is crucial for road safety.

3. Better suspension geometry

Each suspension column affects the wheel geometry. By replacing only some components, there is a risk that the geometry will not be ideal, which can lead to faster tire wear and deteriorated driving characteristics. Full replacement of columns ensures that the suspension geometry remains in line with factory specifications.

Benefits for driving the car

1. Driving comfort

New suspension columns provide better shock absorption and handling of road irregularities, which translates to higher driving comfort. Old and worn components can cause the car to be more susceptible to shocks and vibrations, reducing travel comfort.

2. Precise handling

Complete suspension columns guarantee more precise vehicle handling. This makes the car’s responses to steering movements more predictable, facilitating maneuvering and increasing the sense of control over the vehicle.

3. Longer lifespan of other components

New suspension columns can also contribute to a longer lifespan of other driving system components, such as wheel bearings, tie rods, or ball joints. Good suspension reduces the stress on these elements, reducing the risk of their premature wear.

Simpler replacement and time savings

1. Faster replacement process

Replacing entire suspension columns is usually faster than replacing individual components. The work is less complicated, which shortens the time spent in the workshop. Mechanics can perform the replacement more efficiently, resulting in lower labor costs.

2. Less tool wear

Comprehensive replacement reduces the need to use specialized tools for disassembling and assembling individual components. This reduces the risk of damaging tools and components, which further lowers costs.

3. Eliminating the risk of mismatched parts

New, complete suspension columns guarantee a perfect fit for all elements. When replacing individual parts, there is a risk that the new components will not fit perfectly with the old ones, which can lead to installation and operation problems.

4. Lower replacement cost

Thanks to a simpler and faster process of replacing entire suspension columns, the costs associated with labor are lower. Additionally, additional expenses related to potential problems that may arise from incorrect part fitting are avoided.

GH brand columns – complete installation kit

GH brand suspension columns come with all the necessary mounting elements, such as new screws and nuts. This eliminates the risk of car downtime if it turns out during the replacement of one component that other elements also need replacement. Having a complete kit means the mechanic has everything needed to do the job, minimizing repair time and increasing process efficiency.

Example of GH columns assembly

An example of the complete GH columns assembly for BMW 1 Series (E81, E82, E87, E88) and BMW 3 Series (E90, E91, E92, E93) can be seen in the following video:


Deciding to replace entire suspension columns instead of just individual components is an investment in the safety, comfort, and longevity of the vehicle. Full replacement ensures optimal suspension performance, improves vehicle handling, and minimizes the risk of failure. With a simpler and faster replacement process, less tool wear, and the elimination of the risk of mismatched parts, this solution is more economical and efficient. GH brand columns, providing complete installation kits, further emphasize the value of such an investment, ensuring hassle-free and quick repair.