About us

The GH brand is a passenger and light commercial vehicles spare parts supplier.
We ensure quick delivery with small order quantities possible. A great majority of items are available in stock which means customers don’t need to wait for the production to start. This pro-customer apporach has gained the GH brand recognition among customers from all over the world who put quality and comfort in the first place.

The history of Auto GH

The company was founded in 1998. In 2004 r. the company’s own brand GH was introduced for the purpose of car suspension parts sale. The year 2017 saw the introduction of brake parts. A year later, the company acquired a new 5000 sq m warehouse fitted with state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS).
In 2020 the GH company launched a new product line in the shape of complete strut assemblies with manufacturing capacity exceeding 20.000 units on a monthly basis. After another year, the GH product range included almost 9000 items. A second production line for the complete assembly struts was introduced in 2022 and now the manufacturing capacity reaches 40.000 pieces a month.

The GH brand is established
Introuduction of brake parts into the GH offer
New warehouse with the Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Launching of the GH complete strut assemblies Production capcity is 20.000 pieces a month
The GH product range includes almost 9000 items
The launch of second production line for complete strut assemblies Production capacity is 40.000 pieces a month

The GH quality policy

  • Analysis of customers expectations and the latest market trends
  • Investigation of market needs
  • Introduction of the latest solutions
  • Expansion of the product range according to customers' demand
  • Operation analysis and constant improvements
  • Promotion of the GH brand

Customer service


Multilingual pre- and post- sales customer serivce is a trademark of the GH brand. Experienced consultants will not only be at hand to help find the correct set but also they will be able to act quickly when it comes to market needs. It is necessary to fulfill customers expectations and cater for new market needs.

The GH research and development centre works non stop to expand the product range, improve the quality even further and make the logistics as smooth as possible. Currently, the GH brand is a climate neutral business thanks to the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials. The energy used in the manufacturing process comes entirely from the company’s own solar power plant. By choosing GH products, you add your contribution to saving our natural environment.