Complete strut assemblies

GH Complete strut assemblies meet or often exceed quality standards used by vehicle manufacturers. Absolutely essential is acoustic isolation of metal elements achieved by the use of special damping materials. What’s more, the GH units feature diverse nut and bolt torque figures thanks to the use of purpose-made computer operated tools. This eliminates all sorts of vibrations which could ruin damping characteristics of the whole unit.

It’s also worth mentioning that the manufacturing of the GH units takes place only in European Union countries and the units are supplied always as sets in one box. Each and every component featured in every set has identical characteristics. This means flawless suspension work and perfect driveability. A replacement of a complete strut assembly set improves car’s driveability and handling characteristics.

When creating the GH complete strut assembly range, a lot of effort was made to make sure it’s complete especially when it comes to European vehicle applications. That said, however, the GH range doesn’t miss cars made in other parts of the world. One may select the correct complete struts assembly set by using the GH product catalogue here or in the TecDoc car parts database.

Remaining products

The GH shock absorbers are manufactured using highest quality components. Thanks to the use of Japanese-made seals it is possible to achieve very high longevity helping to reduce wear caused by intense use over many years. Automatisation of the manufacturing process and in-depth quality control ensure absolute product repeatability. Excellent ride quality is the trademark quality of GH shock absorbers. Enhanced road surface grip significantly increases safety for example by shortening braking distance. The characteristics and build quality of GH shock absorbers meet manufacturers’ requirements when it comes to original equipment. Excellent build quality is confirmed by the warranty which is for 2 years without mileage restrictions.

GH coil springs are made with highest quality chrome silicon steel which is cold rolled, tempered and hardened in the process Cold rolling and powder coating protect the steel from corrosion and wear, increasing elasticity factor at the same time. This makes the GH coil springs so durable which is reflected in the 3-year warranty without mileage restriction.

The cast iron and light alloy castings used in the production of control arms are manufactured using the pressure casting technology. Their shape is identical to the shape of original control arm. Casting quality is tested by X-rays. All the components are connected together on a fully automated production line which ensures absolute manufacturing repeatability. The use of highest quality materials and full manufacturing process control at every stage ensure high durability of ball joints. This product line is covered by a 1-year warranty.

The GH product range also features a wide line of wheel speed sensors both passive (inductive) and active (using the Hall effect). Owing to automatisation of manufacturing process it it possible to achieve high electromagnetic interference resistance when compared to other sensors available in the market. Using highest quality components and computer precision result in top quality ABS sensors capable of detecting wheel speed very accurately even at very low speeds. This is exactly why Hall effect ABS sensors made by GH are used in cars in which, for example, wheel speed sensor signal controls tyre pressure.

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Shock absorber assembly kit