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The distinguishing feature of vehicles equipped with GH suspension struts is high driving comfort. Our GH Shock absorbers show above-average service life and wear resistance thanks to the use of Japanese sealants from leading manufacturers. The production automation system and very thorough control at every stage guarantee full product repeatability.
GH suspension struts provide vehicles with enhanced grip, maximizing safety by reducing braking distances. Meeting the manufacturers' first assembly requirements for parts, these struts exhibit top-notch operating characteristics and quality. Rest assured in the durability of our products, as evidenced by the manufacturer's two-year warranty, regardless of vehicle mileage. Drive with confidence and experience the difference with GH suspension struts.

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The GH brand is a passenger and light commercial vehicles spare parts supplier. We ensure quick delivery worldwide and flexible pricing policy.

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GH coil springs
made of chrome silicon steel

The springs used to make GH complete strut assemblies are made of highest quality chrome silicon steel, tempered and hardened. The use of cold rolling and powder coating in the production process offers excellent protection against corrosion, and it also increases elasticity as well as wear resistance over a period of many years. The use of such springs in the complete strut assemblies significantly increases longevity and reliability.

Top mounts, bearings
and acoustic isolation

GH complete strut assemblies feature top mounts which are responsible for connecting the strut with the bodywork. Depending on a strut type and the way it is fitted in a car, there are top mounts with and without bearing. In any case, GH top mounts are made of top quality rubber-metal components allowing for long-term operation under any conditions. The wide use of isolating materials in the manufacturing of GH complete strut assemblies helps to eliminate all sorts of noises and vibrations created by driving on poorly surfaced roads.

Dust cover
protection sets

Another important part of GH complete strut assemblies is dust protection. Thanks to the use of highest quality rubber components, the dust protection kits provide excellent shielding which contributes to an outstanding longevity of the whole units. Dust covers provide a vital protection of sensitive shock absorber elements such as piston rod surface against negative impact of weather factors.

Complete strut assembly
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Complete strut assembly

01Attached to steering knuckle

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03Complete strut assembly for the rear axle

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