The GH brand as a TecDoc data supplier received the ” Certified Data Supplier “ designation. This mark is proof of the high quality of the data we regularly provide you with about our products.

Data quality is crucial for success in the automotive aftermarket. Only with flawless data vehicles and their respective spare parts can be determined unambiguously and without errors.

The success of online platforms directly depends on the quality of the product identification data and information available. As online commerce continues to grow strongly, catalogue and ordering systems must offer high-quality product identification information.

TecDoc gather the most up-to-date information from automotive suppliers, replacement parts manufacturers, associations, authorities and institutions worldwide.

This information is either collected and recorded by their experts in a uniform and integration-compatible form or is supplied directly by manufacturers and trade. The TecDoc data suppliers provide high-quality replacement parts data in a uniform format using their global TecDoc Standard.

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