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Proudly, we present the latest innovation in the world of the GH brand! Our brand, which has been delivering top-quality products to you for years, has decided to take it up a notch and adapt to the modern needs and expectations of our customers.

Our New Packaging – A Blend of Style and Functionality

The changes we’ve implemented largely concern our packaging. We understand the importance of a product looking aesthetically pleasing on the store shelf, yet being practical in daily use.

1. Modern Graphics – We’ve rolled out an entirely new packaging design that not only catches the eye but also embodies the spirit of our brand. Elegant, contemporary patterns emphasise our products’ quality, making them even more distinctive.
2. Durability First – Beyond aesthetics, we’ve also emphasised the practical aspect. Our packaging is now even more durable, ensuring the product’s safety inside and protection from potential damage.
3. Handles for Added Convenience – Recognising the significance of ergonomics and ease of use, we’ve added handy grip handles. This makes transporting our products even simpler and more comfortable.

We’re confident that you’ll appreciate these changes. At GH, we always prioritise innovation and attentively listen to our customers’ needs. Thank you for being with us, and we’re thrilled to provide you with products that are not just functional but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Accessories Kits

All our complete strut assemblies that require additional parts come inside the package as an accessory kit.

Discover GH’s new face today and experience the difference!

Accessory Kit

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